Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review: Ulta's Moisturizing Makeup Remover Pads

I was in a desperate need of eye-makeup remover.
Usually my eye makeup will come off after I wash my face with my Philosophy cleanser, BUT some eye liners and mascara are just too darn hard to take off! Anyhow, I went on Ulta to look for a makeup remover and that's how I happen to found this baby =]; and you know what? it works pretty well! At first I was quite skeptical of the product (because of the low rating...), but decided to try it anyways (it was $7 btw). Okay so lets go through the details...

Nice and simple. Easy to open and close. No complaints.

The Applicator/Pad
I was actually surprised at how thin each pad was. The first time when I took a sheet out, I took out 3 accidentally! I'm not sure how I am liking the thinness of the sheets, or dislike for that matter. It's just unexpected since I am use to using the thicker remover pads. You know those eyeglasses cleanser sheets? Its like that thin!

Was I surprised! After reading some negative reviews, I wasn't expecting the pads to remove makeup that well, but you know what? it did! One swipe, and half of my shadows are gone! Some shadows do smear, but just wipe it again. Instead of using more pads, I simply use the back of the pad I already used for my other eye. It takes off eye makeup very well! The one thing I'm NOT loving, was the fact that the remover is very greasy... I had to wipe the rest of the residue off with tissue (and yet, some greasy stuff still remains) =(. (It also makes your fingers quite greasy too).

Final Rating:

The remover is very good when considering how well it removes makeup but I'm not a fan of the residue it leaves behind. I would recommend it to anyone who simply just want to remove stubborn makeup (and, well, don't mind having to wipe off the greasy residue it leaves (lol)).
Price wise, I think it is just a little bit pricey. The liquid one is probably a better investment (it was out of stock when I wanted to buy it).

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