Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: GEO Tri-Color Series

The long awaited Tri-Color Series Review is here!!!

The GEO tri-color series, also known as the World Series, is also one of GEO's most popular models. It is a 3-tone (hence, tri color =P), 14.0mm lens. The lenses has a radial surface pattern to mimic natural looking eyes. The colors are a blend of 3 different colors: a yellow, the base color (brown, grey, green, blue, violet), and a grey. The outer rim of the contacts are clear, but even though it is clear, the lenses still provide a slight enlarging effect.

Diameter: 14.00mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40~8.60mm
C.T: 0.04~0.13mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Duration: 1 year

Power Range:
*Plano ~ -6.00 in -0.25step
*-6.00 ~ -10.00 in -0.50step

Reference Pictures for Tri-Green & Violet

Artificial Lighting; with flash (violet)

Natural lighting; no flash (green)

My Opinion on the Tri-Color Series
This series is nice. It can be worn by people with both light and dark eyes. Usually with dark eyes, the colors of contacts sometimes gets muted, but the colors for this model is very pigmented. Although the colors are pigmented, the radial pattern of the contacts and the blend of colors makes it look very natural. If you compare Angel Violet and Tri-Color Violet, you'll notice that tri-color violet isn't just simply a block of color. It is a mix of your natural eye color and the contacts color. There are clear radial patterns around the lens to help your natural eye color better blend in with the color of the contacts.
Most GEO lenses makes the eyes look glassy and large (like a doll). The tri-color do have a slight enlarging effect (don't let others fool you when they say no!). Sure the outer rim of the lenses are clear, but in reality, only a small portion of the outer rim is clear. The darker gray rim that appears before the clear enlarges the eyes slightly. Unlike other GEO models, the World Series have no noticeable glossy/reflective effect. Again, the model concentrates more on color and the natural pattern than on the glossy, reflective look of the lenses and the enlarging effect.

I personally do like the tri-color series. It is one of the few GEO models in which Green, Blue AND Purple are available in prescription (notice that in most models, only brown and grey are offered in prescription).


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