Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: EOS G-201 Pure Max Blue

I'm not exactly 100% positive about the common name "Pure Max Blue" so please tell me if I am wrong... all I know for definite is that G-201 brown and grey are part of the Pure Max Series (and they are in the same series as G-201 Blue).

EOS G-201 Blue is one of 5 color lenses that makes up the G-201 Series.
The G-201 series are 14.5mm lenses (the largest size lenses that EOS currently makes), 2tone lenses, with a radial lens pattern.

This model concentrates on making the pupils of the eyes larger as well as the iris in general. (the pupils are the dark parts of the eyes and the iris is the colored part).
They are able to create this illusion by making the color band of the lenses very small (leaving a big hole for the iris). Then around the color band is a dark grey rim (it is not black!). Because the lenses leave such a large space for the pupils, I do NOT recommend these lenses to you if you have light color eyes! (Blues, greens, hazels, etc. are no-nos!) Why? Because your natural eye color will seep through!! It is okay if you have dark eyes, because the lenses will simply make your dark iris color look like the pupil (this is how these lenses give your eyes the "dialated pupils" look). But if you have light color eyes.... lets say you have green eyes, for example, and you got G-201 Brown. Guess what will happen when you wear them? You will have the dark pupil in the center, then your natural eye color around the dark pupil (green) and the the brown color band, and finally, the dark grey outer band. You will look quite funny, ne? Unless you are looking for the rainbow eye look.

Above is a picture of me wearing the G-201 lenses. They are quite pretty, ne? Also, notice how the pupils look dialated (again, only works if you have dark eyes!)? The dark grey outer rim helps to make the eyes pop as well as give it an illusion of larger, more dimensioned eyes.

I actually really like the color of this lens. I've tried A LOT of blue lenses (now that I have darker hair... I find that blue lenses look better on darker (well on me when I have dark hair XD)). This model lens color is like a perfect shade of blue-- not too light (like the GEO Nudy Blue), not too dark (like the GEO Angel Blue), not too vibrant (like the EOS Dolly Eye Blue), and not too pale (like the EOS Adult Blue).

Like most circle lenses, theses lenses are reflective (to give that glassy dolly look). But I do not find them more any more reflective than the Angel Series (they are pretty much the same). When it comes to these lenses, I don't really care for the reflectiveness though. The pattern already kinda mimics reflection.
Oh, about reflection, these lenses gives your eyes a "halo" reflection (like the GEO Olive Series) instead of a "crescent" reflection (like the GEO Nudy Series). Just want to point that out.

I wore these lenses several times now and for various durations. I find that these lenses dry out more easily than... lets say the GEO Angel Blue. They are also slightly less comfortable. I am going to assume that this is because the G-201 Series is larger (usually larger lenses feel less comfortable on me). It is true that larger lenses dry out more easily too--- so I suppose that is the case, if it weren't for the fact that XCK-105 is more comfortable over a longer period of time XD. Maybe its because XCK-105 is only a 1tone lens? I must investigate more on this~

Enlarging Effect: 5/5
Reflective Effect: 4/5
Wearablility: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5


  1. Hi, great article! I was wondering if u can inform me on the difference between Max Pure Blue G201 and Pure Blue V201? I am wondering about this because last week I ordered the Max Pure Blue G201 and just noticed that the company shipped me out the Pure Blue V201 by accident. Although the names are very very similar & even the product numbers ( G201 & V201) are almost the same, but I know they are intact totally different lenses. I am trying to find the difference or similarities of the two so I can decide if I need to email the company to get true correct ones or not. I dont care so much about size as I do care about the color pop of them. I want the ones that will be the most noticeable on dark brown eyes. You seem to know alot about circle lenses. Thanks a bunch! <3 Misti

  2. Actually, I bought the grey ones and I have light grey eyes. They blended in incredibly well and everyone compliments me when I wear them because they think they're real!!! They look incredibly natural. This is one of the very few lines of circle lenses that I would almost certainly recommend to people with lighter eyes if they want the transition to look nice. There is no keyhole effect when your eyes blend in. :] One other line I would suggest would be the Max Candy Jewels G208 because they do the same thing. They blend in seamlessly and then they have a well defined limbal ring ^.^ Hope this helped my fellow light eyed circle lens lovers!