Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: EOS G-207 "Super Nudy" Pink

The G-207 series are a 14.5mm 2tone lenses by EOS. They are almost identical to GEO's Super Nudy Quarter Vision Series (with the exception of the size being .3mm smaller and the color.
The series comes in colors 6: brown, blue, green, grey, violet, and pink. (GEO's Super Nudy Series comes in 5 colors: brown, blue, green, grey, and violet).

The lens design of G-207 is, like most circle lenses, a radial pattern (meaning the direction of the pattern comes from the center out). It has a dark grey inner band (where the pupil begins) and a black outer band. Between the two dark color bands is the main lens color (be it brown, blue, green, grey, or pink). The main color, however, is highly SPECKLED. Meaning, the color band is NOT one solid color. It is like a mosaic (with the edges of each mosaic pieces being transparent). This gives the eyes a highly crystallize effect (when wearing this series).
The patterning of the lenses also helps the lens reflect light, giving the eyes a very reflective look. Have you ever look at a diamond? When you shine light on it, it glitters. That's the same with these lenses-- when light hits it, it reflects light brilliantly.

I really like the color of G-207 Pink. Usually when I think of pink contact lenses, I don't imagine something that can be wearable, but these lenses proved me wrong! It is the right shade of pink that is perfect for ever day wear. The lenses can be worn casually because the color isn't so bright and shocking. On the contrary, the color is subtle enough to look quite natural. You see, with the Nudy Series and the G-207 series, the lenses allow some of the wearer's natural eye color to seep through-- this is what makes the lenses wearable and somewhat natural. I congratulate EOS (and GEO) for developing pink lenses that can be worn casually!

The enlarging effect of these lenses are phenomenal! The G-207 series are 0.30mm smaller than Geo Super Nudy Series, yet, the two look relatively the same size! (If you check out my YouTube video review on these lenses, I am wearing Super Nudy Grey on my right eye and G-207 Pink on the other). I believe it is the darker outer rim on the G-207 model that makes it enlarge so well. If you want larger eyes, these lenses are a great one to get without having to wear larger size lenses.

These lenses are great considering the great color, great reflective effect, great enlarging effect... BUT it has one horrible downside... It is uncomfortable!! I really, really hate to say it, but I really don't like these lenses =(. I have tried these lenses on at least 5 times, and every time, I can't stand to have them on for more than two hours. I could feel the lenses on my eyes. When I blink, I can feel the lenses move... Honestly, when I have them on I love nothing more than to take them out. I really wanted to like these... perhaps the GEO ones will be better? Its true that the comfort of contact lenses depends on the person who wears them, so I'm sure that these lenses probably feel amazingly awesome to someone else, but to me... they are just too uncomfortable.

Enlarging Effect: 5/5
Comfort: 1/5


  1. Thank you so much for this in-depth review! Do you know if the GEO series are more comfy than EOS?

  2. To be honest, I prefer GEO lenses over EOS lol. They feel more comfortable on my eyes. But some people prefer EOS better.. so I guess its personal preference.