Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: EOS Dolly Eye Blue

EOS Dolly Eye Series is one of EOS's most popular models of contact lenses. The product ID for the Dolly Series is V-209LB.
The lenses are 14.2mm and are available in prescription up to -10.00. It goes up in an interval of -.25 from -0.00 to -5.00. From -5.00 to -10.00 it goes up in an interval of -.50.

The Series is available in 5 colors: Brown, Grey, Green, Blue, and Violet.

Like most circle lenses, theses lenses can be worn up to 1 year.

Enlarging Effect: 5/5
Theses lenses does an amazing job in enlarging the eyes =].
I also like how the dark outer rim is not very thick

Wearability: 3/5
The Dolly Eye Series are unrealistic looking. The colors are opaque. Basically whatever color you see in the vial is the color your eyes are going to be. Because of this, your eyes do not have any natural gradations. The lenses is just two solid colors: blue and black. HOWEVER, the lenses do look better in a darker environment (when the colors are not so extremely bright) or from a distance. Spice your eyes up with some makeup and they will look less extreme.

Comfortability: 4/5
To me, these lenses feel the same on my eyes as any other circle lenses. They are not amazingly comfortable like the Acuvue Oasys (which I would rate 5/5), but that is because they are color contacts. Most color contacts feel less comfortable and moisturizing than clear contacts. I have worn these lenses up to 8 hours and I don't feel any discomfort.

My honest opinion:
I do like these lenses, but they are not for everyday wear. Its more something you wear when going to a costume event or a photo shoot.

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