Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: SKIN79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm

So around March (after the disappointment with the Caviar BB Cream), I began searching for BB Creams under more commonly known brand names (Skin79, Missha, BTRC etc.).
And also, since spring is just around the corner (and I am wayy to lazy to wear sunblock every day), I decided to invest in a more expensive BB Cream with a good SPF.

I purchased, SKIN79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm for $32 from

Product Description (The Triple Function):
1. Sun Protection (SPF 25 PA++)
2. Whitening and Anti-wrinkle properties
3, Moisturizing & soothing

It also boasts beneficial ingredients that help to soothe the skin, control sebum, moisturize, protect, prevent aging, whiten and provide nutrition.

Unfortunately, this BB cream only comes in one shade.

Like most BB Creams, the product have a slight grey undertone. No worries though, the grey color goes away!
Like some newer foundations, known as "Smart Makeup", the color of the product blends in & oxidizes to match your skin tone (However, if you have tan/dark skin, this wont work very well!).

I've been wearing this BB Cream for about 2 months. Now, I haven't been using this everyday (because I don't like the feeling of stuff on my face), so I haven't note any long term benefits (such as anti-wrinkling and whitening) that this product boasts of, BUT I really do like this BB Cream.

I have oily/combination, and its quite hard to find foundation/BB Cream that won't melt off my face (especially in the sun), but this BB Cream stays on amazingly!

The consistency of this product (like, again, most BB Creams) is very thick-- but don't let that fool you! It actually feels pretty lightweight on the skin! A lot of people like blending in BB Creams with their fingers, but I find that when I do that, it makes my face feel like there is a lot of product on! So I usually mix BB Cream with some moisturizer (like 75% BB cream, 25% moisturizer), and stipple the product on my face (with a stippling brush of course, I don't like foundation brushes XD). If you want a better coverage, err.. or a "heavier" airbrushed coverage (if that makes sense), apply the product to your face with a sponge. But that is just personal preference (but I do think that the feel of makeup on the face, whether lightweight or heavy, depends a lot on the application!!). Oh, and the product blends really well on the face (whether you use a brush or sponge or your fingers). The finish is pretty dewy if you apply it with moisturizer, but more matte without.

The coverage is very nice. It works well to get rid of red/inflamed parts of the face and whitens it (but it doesn't make your face really pale like the Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream!), but I don't think it works well covering very dark hyper pigmentation or acne. The coverage is buildable though... but I find it works better with medium to light scars. Oh, and I feel like sometimes the product can accentuate the look of acne due to the whitening properties of the cream.
The packaging of the SKIN79 Hot Pink is pretty (VERY PRETTY!!), but I wouldn't give it a 10/10 rating when it comes to functionality. The product comes with a pump applicator (which I think ALL foundations should have!), so it is seemingly sanitary, HOWEVER, some product do get stuck in the nozzle of the pump. The product that is stuck dries up and is probably not very clean. I mean, that is not a huge problem, since you can wipe that product off when you apply the BB Cream the next time you use you, but I just thought this was something that I should note. I definitely like the packaging better than MAC's and Revlon Colorstay Foundations, and the Caviar BB Cream I had before, but I think the SKIN79 BB Cream Diamond's packaging is better (less wasted product).

Again, like most BB Creams, the Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm does have a fragrance. However, it is not over powering. Are you familiar with the Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream (you're probably wondering why I keep on comparing this BB Cream to the Missha one, and the reason is... the Missha one is super well known and a lot of people have used it)? I find the fragrance for that one pretty strong... I mean it doesn't smell BAD, but it was kinda over powering for me. The smell for the SKin79 Hot Pink one is very subtle-- and I like that =). But the smell is still distinctively floral.

Overall, I really like this product =D

I think I might re-purchase. The thing is, I like trying out new BB creams and there are so many BB creams out in the market! One BB Cream lasts me a good half year (I'm serious), and there is new BB creams constantly coming out in the market. Although I do like this one, I will like to try something new when I finish.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Coverage: 7/10
Oil Control: 8/10
Smell: 10/10
Packaging: 8/10
Duration: 9/10


  1. Thank you so much for this post! Very decriptive and helpful! I'm plaiing to buy this BB cream soon too so I am so glad I read your post before I wnet ahead and buy it!

  2. Thank you so much for this review! It's very helpful! Greetings from Brazil, xx

  3. how many days will the spots in the face disappeared?

    Please reply me as fast as you can:

    THANK YOU...

  4. Hi. I wouldn't say this product will drastically make spots disappear from the face, it more so make the appearance of it less prominent. Remember-- this is still makeup! Not a skin care product. So I can't say how many days. Maybe in a few months with a good skin care routine.

  5. Packaging looks very satisfying and that I like is an explanation of this product. A very good description.