Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Ulta Eyeshadow Quads

Hey guys. So in February I made a purchase for several Ulta products.
Two of the products I've ordered were Ulta's Eyeshadow quads. They were a limited edition special, so some of the colors are no longer available. They are also now only available as singles.

Click Here to view all of Ulta's Eyeshadows.

The first quad I ordered was the yellow to blue quad.
All the shadows are frost shadows (they are shimmery) and are very pigmented. I was actually very surprised by the quality of these shadows!

I am not a big fan of bright, colorful eye makeup (especially blues) on myself, so I don't wear these shadows often, but the quality of these shadows are very nice! For drug-store eye shadows, they are pretty expensive (on Ulta.com they are sold for $7 each. The size of the singles are larger than the size shown on the quad though). The texture of the shadows are very silky-- so it blends quite easily. Another pro is that the colors are long lasting.
One thing I don't exactly like about these shadows is that they are too frosty. I don't mind the yellow (sunbeam) being frosty because its suppose to replicate the sun's reflective/glitteringness. But I don't think the green and blues work well as frost shadows. Like I mentioned before, I don't wear blue shadows often, but when I do, I would wear matte blues.
Another con, which is not exactly targeted to these colors, but on Ulta Shadows in general is that Ulta is continuously removing and adding colors to their Shadow line. Because of this, unfortunately, none of the colors above are available anymore.

The second quad I receive is a neutral color quad. And it is currently my go to colors! All the colors are available at Ulta and all of the colors are supposidly frost shadows (though Naked is actually matte).

My favorite color in this quad is truffle. I love how I can use it as a highlight because it is so frosty as well as an all over lid color! It is also just the right color to pull off a natural look. I simply love the pigmentation too. And like the previous quad colors, truffle is long lasting. The feel, however, is not silky. The shadow is very textured... but when you apply it to your eyes it goes on easily and silkily. This color is currently available for purchase on Ulta BUT the color looks a bit different on the site....

Seashell is also a great color. Like truffle, it can be use as a highlight as well as an all over lid color. And it is also very natural looking. Yes, it is frosty, but not overwhelmingly so when blended in. =] This is also available at Ulta. On the website, the color looks peachy but in actuality it is more pale pink.

Mink is a very pretty dark brown color. Although it is a frosty shadow, there is not a lot of shimmers when applied. I use it as a crease color. Sometimes I even use it wet as an eyeliner. The color is gorgeous color and the color payoff is great. The texture, pigmentation, wear, is just like the other Ulta shadows.
This is color is also still available (but like truffle, the color looks a bit different on the site...)

Naked... I HATE. It is SUPPOSED to be a frost shadow but its NOT! Its matte. I wouldn't mind it being matte if it wasn't for the awful color payoff. It is not pigmented at all. Just to get the swatch above, I had to swatch the color several times. I honestly can't even use this as a highlight color... Though the eyeshadow is silky to the touch, the quality of the color is horrible. It blends horribly, it is not pigmented, and it doesn't last. I am so disappointed with this shadow... I really like the other Ulta colors, and I really wanted to like this too... but I was let down...

Pigmentation: 4/5 (Naked was just horrible... but the pigmentation for all the other colors were great!!)
Price: 3/5 (expensive for a drugstore eyeshadow singles)
Wear: 4/5
Availability of Colors: 4/5

Oh! By the way, for the month of July, Ulta Eyeshadows are are on sale for $3 (57% OFF!!)! Thats deff a great buy, so check them out! =]


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