Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: La Glace Vite Acne Solutions

I have very troubled skin. Its oily and sensitive... so my skin breaks out easily and, it takes a lot of effort to keep it blemish free. So it is hard to find the right product for my skin.

Several months ago, I brought a product called "La Glace Vite Acne Solutions" from (Its now on sale for $11.50! =D) and I haven't actually used it until several weeks ago and so far, I am loving it =].

The product contains both natural and chemical ingredients. About half of the ingredients are natural (you can probably point them out).

Tea Tree Essential Oil (natural), Sage Extract (natural), Witch Hazel, Rosemary Extract (natural), Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic acid dries out the skin to kill acne causing bacteria (this ingredient can be found in almost all anti-acne products).
Tea Tree Oil is a natural ingredient that also kills acne causing bacteria. It works just as well as benzoyl peroxide (which is another common ingredient in products treating acne). Tea tree oil can also be used to prevent acne (and many other things. Wiki it if you are interested) and since it is an oil, it helps prevent the skin from drying out too much.
Witch Hazel works as a "cleanser" and a toner. It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can help treat acne.
Rosemary Extract is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient (like tea tree), It reduces redness/ swelling and contains antioxidants.
Sage Extract is an astringent and is a potent antioxidant. Be careful with this one though, because it might cause irritation on some people.

Since most of the ingredients are natural, the product does have a pretty strong herbal smell. But I don't think it is that bad.

A Quick and effective dual action- professional acne treatment, using a unique blend of botanical extracts, essential oil and natural marine algae to penetrate the skin deep down to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, it penetrates deep into pores and to stop pimples where they start. The solution is quickly absorbed and smoothes invisibly into your skin.

This product has a roll on application, so it is easy to use. The product can be applied at night or during the day, and can be applied several times a day. However, if you skin is not clean and you use the roller to apply this serum, then there might be some hygienic problems... So I would advise you to apply the product to a Q-Tip or on your hands and then apply it to your affected areas.

My Opinion:
I was surprise at how effective the product is. I apply the serum to my trouble spots at night and by the next day, I can definitely tell that my pimples got smaller or is less red. After using the product for two to three nights, my acne is pretty much gone. The price for the product is pretty high for the size (10ml), but its a good investment =].

My Ratings:
Price (for its size): 3.8/5
Effects: 4.5/5
Smell: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5




  1. Oh! This product seems like a real winner! I'm glad it worked well for you. :) I might give it a go.

  2. I just bought it because your review sounds very believable. :) Hopefully it'll work well for me, too!

    Do you still use it? O:

  3. Yupp I still use it. =]
    I hope you like it ^_^

  4. La Glace Vite Acne Solutions ? I remembered my friend who is an actress in a familiar tv station here in America also uses this kind of treatment. She has an acne on her back not on her face ofcourse. I don't know what's the update on her since I never saw her since last year.