Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: ALPHA BORNSKIN Caviar Moisture BB Cream

I got this BB Cream a while back... sometime in February or March.
I was actually planning to purchase another tube of Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream at that time, but decided at the last minute to try something new.

It wasn't exactly the packaging that appealed to me-- it was the description.
To sum it up, this BB cream was described as a revolutionary product that help clear and cover up discolorations (scars, freckles... etc). It boasts of skin cell regeneration, anti-aging, and whitening properties, and it claims to improve blood circulation. The formula is also said to be sweat proof.

Sounds great ne?
I bid on the product and purchase it for around $7 (steal!!) and received it two weeks later.
My first impression on this product was that, for a BB cream, the consistency is quite liquidity! I felt that it was more like a liquid foundation consistency (don't let the picture below fool you).

Like most BB creams, ALPHA BORNSKIN Caviar Moisture BB Cream only comes in 2 shades, a light shade and a medium. I chose the medium shade and found that out of the tube it matches my skin tone quite perfectly.

And from the picture above, you might think that it blends into my skin perfectly. Yes, at first it did but
it oxidized in like 5 minutes. And the resulting color was two or more shades darker than my natural skin tone. Not to mention the coverage was horrible. This BB Cream was more like a light tinted moisturizer.

I gave this BB several chances, but alas I can't seem to make it work!
I also found that the packaging (which I first thought was pretty decent) to be horrible. The product leaked onto the cap very easily and cap itself is very skimpy, it doesn't securely close! In general, its a mess to use.

Usually I trust products from Japan and Korea, but I found myself becoming weary of this product and the skin benefits it is claims to provide. I ended up trashing it.

Overall Rating: 1/5


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