Monday, June 2, 2014

REVIEW: Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM

Skin care review! :D

Skin care, or well... "face care" is something I personally take seriously. I have to admit, I do neglect other skin areas... like if the soles of my feet are dry, I don't take much action, but if my skin gets dry, I'll be loading on those masks and creams! However, I am not overly obsessive about it. I use masks maybe once a month and I swear, I've never gotten any facials (yes I'm a girl, and yes I'm 21). Therefore, the core of my face care routine takes place at night. I like to keep the morning simple, so I load on all the goodies at night :). 


Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM is a overnight skin renewal oil based serum. Price wise, it is rather expensive. It retails for $65 for 1oz at Sephora. Its main active ingredients are Vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A is retinol and it is best known for its anti-aging properties such as reducing wrinkles and dark spots. Vitamin C is best known for its brightening properties. In addition to lightening/brightening, it also helps in fighting off free radicals and resultantly, prevents aging changes such as wrinkles and sagging. Vitamin E moisturizes, protects, and helps repair the skin. The combination of the three vitamins equates to a serious skin renewal and anti-aging serum! 

My Review:

I   absolutely   love   this   product. 

$65 is a hefty amount. My god, its a hefty amount... My mind wishes it doesn't like it because it is so expensive, but for my skin thats not the case! I've been using this product for about a year now, though not religiously every night since I like to try new products, and I must say that this is one of the absolute best products I have ever tried. It is pricy, but a little goes a long way and what it does... I feel that it is worth it. 

The first thing I noticed was the texture of the product when applied to the skin. It goes on very silky. The silkiness is very similar to that of the SmashBox's Photo Finish Primer. This is a dry oil serum, therefore you don't get all that greasy feeling on your skin. The next morning, my skin feels so supple and moisturized! I was so surprised that my skin felt so smooth and soft that at first I was skeptical and I thought it was caused by the remainder of the product on my skin from my night before but after washing my face I realized it wasn't. So the product's promise of skin smoothness? CHECK! 

Unlike skin texture, improvements in skin tone is not as immediate. I have lots of acne scars/redness around my t-sone so one of the features that attracted me to this product is its skin brightening and renewal properties. My skin did start evening out a little, but the changes were not dramatic. Perhaps I will see more a difference if I were to use this product every single night, but I didn't. Reducing scars is a gradual process anyways, so I didn't expect anything major. On the "bright" side, it goes a wonderful job minimizing the occurrence of acne and reducing the ones currently on my skin! I was astonished the Retinol Fusion PM actually worked better in healing and reducing acne than many of my acne products (for example, Clinique Spot Healing Gel and Origins Super Spot Remover). Plus, its non-drying! It is this acne reducing effect that really made me fall for this product. So skin tone improvement? Check. Skin renewal? Check check!

The last advertised component of this product is anti-aging. Unfortunately, I cannot make a comment on this since I have not reach the point where I am experiences such aging changes. From inspecting the active ingredients in this product I can declare that it is anti-aging, but that is all I can say. 

In general, I think this is a wonderful product. I have not tried any other product that is similar or is comparable to this. It is definitely something I would repurchase.

In summary:
Pros: hydrating, evens skin tone, reduces acne, improves skin texture, non-greasy
Cons: expensive
Overall Rating: 4.9/5



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