Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Super Magic Circle Black XCK-105

*Apologies for the camera quality.

XCK-105, also known as UCK-105, is a larger version of the very popular CK-105 model (A bestseller!). CK-105 have several common names. It has been called Black Circle, Magic Circle Black, and even Angel Black! I personally call it Magic Circle Black, but you may call it whatever you like.

XCK-105 is one of GEO's Super Size lenses. It is 14.8 mm, which is the largest size lenses that GEO, or any cosmetic contact lens company currently make.
For those who are interested, yes, it does come in prescription. The power goes as follows:

*Plano ~ -6.00D -0.25step
*-6.00 ~ -10.00D -0.50step

The enlarging effect is phenomenal. The model creatively uses its color and radial lens pattern to give the maximum enlarging effect when worn. Have to warn you though, the lenses are very black! Sometimes it blends into you pupils.

I worn them for about a week now. Here is a picture.

My Opinion:
You have to be careful how you wear this lens. I find them to be too big and quite scary looking.  They are highly reflective and pigmented. I personally wouldn't wear them without makeup since makeup takes away some emphasis on the lenses making the eyes look less startling. They are nice lenses, but they aren't the lenses for me. I'll be sticking to the original CK-105s.


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