Tuesday, August 26, 2014

REVIEW: Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara


What it is: (via Sephora)A precision mascara that adds volume, length, and curl. 

What it does: (via Sephora)
This clump-free mascara delivers long-lasting wear in one stroke. Using 4D technology, an exclusive microdefining wax complex envelopes the lash surface in ultrablack pigments for far-away impact and up-close precision. The dual-purpose, cone-shaped brush has a precision tip that separates lashes as the rounded base creates extravagant volume from any distance.

Price: $24 at Sephora

The Review:

This is my favorite mascara right now (I've been using it for three months)! I usually get about two mascara per season, thats roughly eight per year and I do not remember the last time I liked a mascara so much. Before I head into the review, I want to express what I look for in a mascara. First, I like my formula jet black. Like the blackest possible black. Second, I need the mascara to provide good volume and lift without an eyelash curler (I'm not a fan of using those things). Third, and probably the most important, I need the formula to be smudge and flake proof. Last, I need a brush that can easily and effectively coat my lashes. That said, lets dive into the review. 

Th Smoky Extravagant Mascara has a cone shape brush that is made of 580 bristles.

The design of the brush is ingenious. Its cone shape makes it so easy for me to coat my inner lashes and coat it accident free (Goodbye Q-tip!)! Not only that, it does WONDERS in producing evenly defined and clump-free lashes. Better yet, I find that from one pump, the brush picks up enough product to layer both of my top and bottom lashes once. Let me just say, BEST BRUSH I EVER TRIED!!

Natural lashes. As you can see, they are pretty light

Lashes with Smoky Extravagant Mascara. No eyelash curlers. 

Not sure why, but my eyelids sometimes get oily-- which is a big issue for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. The formula for the Smoky Extravagant Mascara is amazing in that it is long lasting, smudge proof, non-drying/lightweight and believe it or not, easy to wash off. What what did you say? Easy to wash off? YES! Most long-staying mascaras I tried tend to be hard to take off. I have to either use eye makeup remover or lather my lashes up with a cleanser (I like Purity by Philosophy). Other mascaras I have tried also sometimes make my lashes feel brittle and therefore makes it prone to breaking. This formula doesn't make my lashes feel dry at all! It also does a wonderful job in making my lashes look longer, fuller and giving it a natural curl. 

Pros: Pretty much everything!
Cons: The only con that I can possibly pick out is that the mascara only adds a moderate, not a significant, amount of volume. Oh that and the price ($24).

Overall Rating: 5/5

EDIT: 10/22/14

Hi guys. So I am going to revise my review for the Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara. 

First of all, when I was using the mascara, I was living in San Francisco Bay area near Santa Clara. The summer weather there was very dry (very very low humidity)--- it didn't rain one drop for the three months that I was there. The weather ranges from mid 60s at night to high 90s. 

When I moved back to the east coast (New York) where the summer to fall weather ranges from mid 50s to high 80s, I notice a drastic difference in the performance of the mascara. Specifically, the longevity. I started seeing a lot more smudging near the lower lash lines and within a shorter time frame. If I were to estimate, the mascara will stay smudge proof for approximately 4 hours. Now, the humidity here is much higher-- majority of the days have a humidity of over 50%. This definitely factors in to the overall performance of this product. 

So here is the revised pros and cons and rating score. 

Pros: brush design (can easily apply to the lashes in the inner and outer corner), color (jet black), natural volume & lift
Cons: price ($24), smudges/not very long lasting in moderately humid areas

Final Rating: 3.5/5 (-1 points for smudging, -.5 points for price)


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